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Derek Munro


I believe that my diverse upbringing, educational experiences and good luck to have sailed around the world, all benefit me in my job as a Project Manager and mediator between a shipyard and the Client purchasing and operating the vessels I oversee on their behalf. My father was a Project Manager with the World Bank and my mother a Business Owner and Manager.

Derek Munro is the principal of Yacht Consultancy and has been in the professional Superyacht industry as a Captain / Engineer including two years in an engineering office designing fluid systems (hydraulic; black and grey water; fuel; oil; fresh and salt water) since 1988. I have been fortunate to have sailed and commanded sailing and motor vessels from 18m to 50m in length throughout the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, Red Sea, Pacific and Asia. Currently I consult as the Owners Representative on builds in Europe.

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland in April 1963 my family moved to Malaysia in August of the same year. After 5 years in Malaysia (at which time I spoke 5 languages – Malay, English, Tamil, Mandarin & Dutch) my family moved to New Zealand briefly before heading to the Solomon Islands for the next 10 years. It was in the Solomon Islands that I developed my love of the sea through a father who was a very keen diver and a mother who managed the local Honiara Yacht Club. Diving most weekends whilst swimming and canoeing most week nights. After school with the local kids,  the sea was a big part of life as a child in the tropics, where I learnt to speak Pidgin English.

My first vessel construction was at the age of 7 in Honiara, Solomon Islands. The yard was not well known and the vessel was an all wood construction including the main drive unit. The vessel was a 2.8m solid wood canoe cut / chiselled out from a single large log. The drive unit was a solid wood paddle cut and shaped from the same log. The next was a few months later as my father and I assisted an uncle in building his own hard chimed yacht, also in the Solomon Islands. Educated in New Zealand I continued my enjoyment of the sea and water activities with sailing and a little surfing.

After University (where I studied Agricultural Economics at Massey University) I spent two years working in Management, Design and Sales before heading off on my Kiwi OE (Overseas Experience). Having backpacked across Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and then through Israel and Egypt, I got my first job as a mate on a sailing yacht out of Eilat, Israel heading for Spain.

Life at sea as a Captain finished after the arrival of our first daughter. It was then I moved ashore working for an Engineering firm in Auckland as part of their design and sales team to all the ship yards in New Zealand. On returning to Europe for the arrival of our second daughter (my wife is English!) where I met up with old friends and crew, I started consulting in the role of Owners Representative / Project Manager. Since then the projects have been varied and interesting with excellent relationships having developed. I have had the pleasure of working in various yards in Italy and Holland. Each different and challenging in their own way.

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